What is a Turbo Cash?

What is a Turbo Cash?

Turbo Cash is an option that allows the payout of your ticket at any time. It is only valid for an open ticket and offers you the possibility to have a ticket paid out for a certain amount, even if there are still matches in progress. There are no conditions attached to the number of winning selections, but all selections must be active when you use Turbo Cash.

In order to be able to use Turbo Cash, it is necessary for your ticket to meet the following requirements:

  • the payout is greater than xxx
  • if the matches have started, they must be present in the Live offer to be processed through Turbo Cash
  • all matches must be in our Live offer
  • there was no drastic change in the odds in relation to the ticket on wich the Live events present

Turbo Cash is not available for Handicap and Over/Under bets if the Limits in these games have changed in the meantime.

Magbets is not obligated to offer Turbo Cash for each placed ticket, but if the conditions are met, Magbets will offer the Turbo Cash option.

Should there be a mistake in processing Turbo Cash, whether due to the wrong odds, result or some other factor, Magbets reserves the right to declare the ticket a losing ticket and to process it at the real odds.