How do I place a bet within the Empty Bet?

In order to bet on an Empty Bet login to our site.

Click on the Empty Bet button.

A window will open in which you can create your bet.

Enter the name of the event and the type of bet for which you want the odds in the window.

Click Submit and wait a couple of moments.

A ticket will appear where, in the Payment field you should enter the amount of your payment and then click Submit. 

You will receive a ticket with information on your bets and payment amount. Accept changes of odds and click OK.

You will receive a message with bet conditions. Click Close.

Within the ticket field the odds for required bet shall be presented. Submit your ticket by clicking Accept Changes!

A ticket with information on the bet, payment and value shall appear. Accept changes of odds and click OK.

You will get a message that you have successfully played an Empty Bet and that your ticket is accepted.